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Tweer & Lösenbeck

The company Tweer & Lösenbeck was founded in 1919 by Messrs. Tweer & Lösenbeck in the Knapper Straße in the centre of Lüdenscheid. At first the company worked as a blacksmith’s shop.

Soon after, the company started to produce screws to supply the local electrical industry.

In 1957, the merchant Gerhard Pithan took over the business and purposefully expanded it. As early as 1965, Tweer & Lösenbeck left the city centre and moved into a newly constructed building in Berliner Straße. In 1988, his son Matthias Pithan joined the company and continued the growth strategy consistently and successfully.

In 1997 the company moved to the industrial area Freisenberg in the street Zu den Hohlwegen 4. In 2013 the neighbouring property Zu den Hohlwegen 2 was acquired to expand the production area.

Some things have changed since 1919, the product range is larger, the machinery more modern and the work organisation more efficient. But one thing has remained the same: Tweer & Lösenbeck is still a medium-sized family business and is now managed in the third generation by Dr. Daniel Pithan.

That is why each of the up to 18 million screws that leave our factory in Lüdenscheid every day contains not only technical know-how and high precision, but also the responsibility of the entire team for the tradition and positive future development of Tweer & Lösenbeck.

We promise you that!

Managing DirectorDr. Daniel
Sales / Marketing ManagerTorge Frö
SalesDipl.-Kfm. Wolfgang
SalesChristina Gü
Quality Control ManagerDipl.-Ing. Dirk
Production ManagerDipl.-Ing. Diedrich
Head of Finance/PersonnelKatharina Jankö
Finance/PersonnelDaniela Kampmann
Construction ManagerDirk
Purchasing and Order Centre ManagerThomas