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Quality is not just a buzzword for us, but a consistent process with a decisive goal: “Zero defects” in every single work step.

In the mid-nineties, Tweer & Lösenbeck was one of the first screw companies worldwide to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and the environmental certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001 – followed by the automotive-specific quality standard ISO/TS 16949 in 2002. In order to continuously improve energy efficiency, the company’s energy management was certified in 2015. This was followed in 2018 by the conversion to the new automotive standard IATF16949.

This means that the company is now also certified in black and white: We manufacture and live quality that is consistently oriented towards customer benefit. An error rate of less than 50 ppm and reliable delivery promises are just two examples. We are not only continuously implementing this claim today. Tomorrow we will also face up to our responsibility for the environment and for the future of coming generations.

Management policy

The screw factory Tweer & Lösenbeck was founded in 1919 and has been located in Lüdenscheid ever since. It has been owned by the Pithan family since the 50s. As a pure contract manufacturer, Tweer & Lösenbeck develops and produces small screws and fasteners for the most demanding requirements – several million pieces a day.
For Tweer & Lösenbeck, quality is not just a buzzword, but a consistent process with a decisive goal: Zero defects” in every single step of the production process! The company’s position as a quality and innovation company is to be maintained and expanded in the future as well.

1. improving customer satisfaction
The primary goal is to maintain and further develop customer satisfaction. To this end, the company uses machines and mastered processes which take into account the high demands on the products to be manufactured and the careful handling of the environment and resources.
The internal and external interested parties of Tweer & Lösenbeck have been identified and the relevant topics are known. These issues are regularly monitored and evaluated with regard to possible risks and opportunities. Even in exceptional situations, the supply of customers with objection-free products can therefore be ensured.

2. improvement of processes, products and supply capability
Procedures are applied at all stages of product development which make it possible to detect faults easily, quickly and cost-effectively and to continuously improve the quality and environmental performance of processes and energy efficiency. All activities of the company that are directly or indirectly related to the production of high-quality fasteners are monitored and assessed for their quality and environmental impact.
The impact of new products or processes on quality and the environment is tested and evaluated by means of trial production. Further improvements are systematically derived from the findings. All employees are motivated and encouraged to participate in the process of continuous improvement.

3. improvement of employee competence/ satisfaction
Employees participate in all phases of product development, from contract review to product delivery, to improve quality and environmental performance, as well as energy efficiency. The expertise and skills available within the company are defined and ensured by appropriate measures.

4. improvement of the integrated management system
The consistent application of the management system is intended to secure the existence of the company and the existence of jobs in the long term, thus ensuring the supply of satisfied customers with continuously improved products and processes from Tweer & Lösenbeck.

5. gentle production processes
The production processes are designed in such a way that they correspond to the available state of the art. This is to ensure that production is as resource-efficient as possible, with low emissions, energy consumption and noise. Tweer & Lösenbeck constantly adapts its production techniques, products, aids and packaging to the latest findings and needs.

6. improving environmental performance
For years, Tweer & Lösenbeck has been one of the first companies to be certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001. The aim is to optimise environmental performance and reduce environmental pollution.
Legal obligations and other requirements are fulfilled, and environmental aspects and key environmental figures are regularly determined and reviewed. All areas of the company are critically examined and continuously improved ecologically.
All employees of Tweer & Lösenbeck are involved in the implementation of the environmental management system and the necessary resources are provided.

7. optimisation of energy consumption and energy efficiency
The aim and obligation is to reduce energy consumption continuously in the long term and to increase energy efficiency. For implementation, an energy management system according to ISO 50001 was introduced.
Legal obligations and other requirements are fulfilled, and energy aspects and key energy figures are regularly determined and checked. All areas of the company are critically examined and projects to improve energy-related performance are derived and implemented.
All employees are involved in the implementation of the energy management system and the necessary resources are provided.

8. minimising environmental and energy-related risks
Employees are involved in environmental and energy activities and informed about the results. Employees are aware of the existing risks regarding safety, health, environment and energy. Possible risks are taken into account in the emergency plan.

9. code of conduct and ethics
As part of corporate responsibility, a code of conduct and ethics was drawn up, announced to employees and communicated to the public via the company’s website. For Tweer & Lösenbeck, these guidelines set out the common basis of values with regard to social and societal responsibility and fair competition.

10. occupational safety
Tweer & Lösenbeck strives for zero industrial accidents and does everything in its power to protect employees from occupational accidents and illnesses. The focus is on identifying and determining risks, and on eliminating them.

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